Workplace Injury

If you are injured while on the job in Massachusetts, you may be entitled to certain benefits under Massachusetts workers' compensation laws. Under these laws, all employers must have Massachusetts workers' compensation insurance. This insurance is what pays out benefits to injured employees.

Benefits Under Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Laws

The benefits available to injured workers  range from full coverage for all medical costs related to the worker's injuries to financial assistance in the event that the worker is permanently or temporarily disabled due to his or her injuries. The amount of money paid to an employee who is disabled depends upon the extent of that worker's disability. For example, if a worker is totally and permanently disabled, meaning he or she will no longer be able to return to work at all, the injured worker will receive more money than if the disability is classified as temporarily disabled, meaning the employee will eventually be able to return to work after treatment.

Under Massachusetts workers' compensation laws, the following are the benefit amounts a disabled worker is entitled to:
  • Total and permanent incapacity: Two-thirds of the worker's average weekly wage
  • Total incapacity: 60 percent of the worker's average weekly wage, up to 156 weeks
  • Partial incapacity: 60 percent of the difference between the worker's weekly wage before the injury and after the injury

In addition, an employee must wait five days after his or her injury to receive disability payments. However, if disability persists for 21 days or more, the worker is entitled to collect back pay for this waiting period.

The fee structure for the medical malpractice case is not 29% and is determined on case by case basis.

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